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Aerification = Healthy Greens

Deep Tine Aerification The process of deep tining the greens involves the use of solid tines that are able to penetrate 6-14 inches into the soil. Normal aerification will penetrate 5 inches max. The purpose is still the same to alleviate compaction and increase the pore space in the soils for air Read More

A chill is in the air...

The chill can sometimes lead to frost. The past few mornings we have seen lows reaching 28-34 causing frost to set in close to sunrise. It may not seem that cold standing in front of the golf shop, but I assure you it is that cold and there is frost on the golf course. It is an inconvenience for Read More

Welcome to the Blog!

Welcome to the Blog! This is where you can find up to date information for the golf club. Check back for updates! Read More

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